Jiwon Kim

Public Policy Manager, Pharmacist, GR Korea

Jiwon Kim is an expert with a myriad of practical experiences in the healthcare industry, including medicine, cosmetics, food, medical devices, and health functional foods. With her expertise and hand-on experience, Jiwon has been engaged in strategic development and led various assignments with fast-moving healthcare clients.

At the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS), Jiwon was in charge of formulating domestic drug policies and supervising pharmaceutical institutions based on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act. Jiwon also previously served as a pharmaceutical team leader at the Kim & Chang. Her main engagements have centered on research and issue analysis, strategy development, and consulting tasks in industries spanning from pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries. Throughout her career, Jiwon accumulated a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and government regulations.

Jiwon’s main strength originates from her diverse background ranging from government agency to private industry sector. Throughout her career, she has shown an ability in providing practical strategies and solutions that meet clients’ interests in an objective manner.

Jiwon received her bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Sookmyung Women’s University and completed an MBA course at Korea University. She currently holds a pharmacist license.