Dae Kyung Kim

Senior Manager, GR Korea

Dae Kyung Kim is an expert in Korean political affairs as he worked as a policy aide to the National Assembly, the Blue House, and major party organisations. Dae Kyung has a deep knowledge and understanding of policy planning and legislation with experience at various National Assembly standing committees, including the Strategy and Finance Committee, the National Policy Committee, the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Committee, and the Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee. In addition to his extensive experience in the standing committees, Dae Kyung was also involved in the National Assembly special committees, including the Special Committee on Budget and Accounts, the Special Committee on Sustainable Development, and the Special Committee on Constitutional Amendment.

At the Prime Minister's Secretariat, Dae Kyung communicated with the National Assembly, cooperated with other government bodies, monitored political affairs and developments, and gathered intelligence on the ruling and opposition parties. Dae Kyung has an extensive network of connections within the National Assembly, government, as well as key organisations and companies.

Dae Kyung received his bachelor’s degree in law and military science from Chungnam National University (South Korea).