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Government Relations and Public Affairs Advisers

The GR Group provides a full range of government relations and public affairs services in Japan and Korea, including stakeholder and issue mapping, policy monitoring, intelligence gathering, strategic outreach, advocacy, public affairs campaigns, and practical, local support for public tenders and public-sector sales.

We are experts in government decision-making in our markets.  Our team is comprised of experts with well-established networks and a deep understanding of policy, politics and government.  Our team includes senior former ministers, members of parliament, officials, academics and business leaders.  We pride ourselves on our ability to understand the needs not only of government stakeholders, but also of the world-leading corporations, industry associations and civil society organisations that make up our client base.

The GR Group enjoys unrivalled networks of contacts across parliaments, ministries, political parties, local government, academia and media.  We are politically neutral and enjoy excellent working relations across the political spectrum.

As a proud member of the world’s biggest and best international public affairs networks, we work with partners around the world who have proven local expertise to help clients achieve their government relations goals.



The GR Group was founded in January 2010 by Jakob Edberg and Philip Howard, who shared the same realisation of the need for better and more effective communication between government, business and other stakeholders in Japan, based on public interest and policy expertise.  The lack of strategic interaction between business and government was leading to missed opportunities on both sides, but also inspired them to take action.  The GR Group has grown steadily ever since, with teams of expert consultants working in Tokyo and Osaka (GR Japan), Seoul (GR Korea), Washington D.C. (GR Group Asia, Inc.) and London.


We believe that constructive dialogue between public and private sectors, based on policy considerations grounded in public interest, is not only an essential part of good government and governance, but also essential to good business and a well-functioning society.

The vision of the GR Group is to foster effective and mutually beneficial dialogue and collaboration between policy stakeholders.  We like constructive collaboration and recognise that everything we do depends on teamwork, both inside and outside of the company.

The GR Group is politically neutral, and we take great pride in the diversity of our team.

GR Group Offices
The GR Group has teams of government relations and public affairs consultants in Tokyo and Osaka (GR Japan) and Seoul (GR Korea), as well as offices in Washington D.C. and London.  Click on the buttons below to find out more about each company/office.


GR Japan

GR Japan is the leading public affairs and government relations firm in Japan. It is the largest office in the GR Group.  Established in 2010, our Tokyo office is in the heart of Japan’s political district, Nagatacho, right next to the Diet and Prime Minister’s office, while GR Japan’s office in Osaka acts as a hub for government relations and public affairs activities in the Kansai region and Western Japan.

For more information about GR Japan, please see the GR Japan website:

GR Korea

GR Korea was established in 2018 as part of the GR Group.  A number of our clients asked us to provide our brand of professional government relations and public affairs services also in Korea.  We were encouraged by positive changes that provide an opportunity to regularise the provision of policy-based government relations services in the Korean market, while leveraging our international experience and perspective.

To find out more about GR Korea, visit the GR Korea webpage:

GR Group Asia - Washington D.C.

GR Group Asia, Inc. was established in Washington D.C. in 2018 to bring the GR Group closer to our American clients and to leverage our networks, presence and expertise in Asian government relations in the U.S.  The GR Group benefits from the office’s deep understanding of U.S.-Japan and U.S.-Korea policy, trade and business relationships.

GR Group - London

The GR Group has been working seamlessly with its office in London since the founding of the group in 2010, acting as a contact point for international clients and supporting the group in strategy, business development, research, English-language output and relationships with our network partners.  The London office is becoming a centre of expertise on Japanese and Korean government relations and public policy in Europe.